22 November 2017

Reducing the risk of bird strikes using satellite images and Ascend’s Normalised Difference Water index software (NDWI)

16 August 2017

British start-up Rezatec has developed a landscape monitoring service based on Earth Observation data

06 June 2017

A new forestry monitoring service, which is currently being used by three regional forestry departments in Poland, combines space and terrestrial data with a web-based interface.

09 May 2017

With the support of ESA, Belgian SME Ovinto has developed a service that offers satellite-based monitoring of rail cars and intermodal tank containers.

20 March 2017

A new satellite-enabled information management system for commercial fishermen, developed the support of ESA, is currently being used by some seventy Irish fishing vessels.

03 March 2017

A new rail line in Australia uses GNSS positioning for signalling, introducing the concept of virtual balises for ERTMS Level 2 solutions. It has obtained SIL4 certification, the stringent safety integrity level which is required by train control systems. 

14 February 2017

Managing seasonal navigational hazards, such as winter ice, on Romania's section of the Danube river is the goal of an ongoing ARTES IAP Demonstration Project.

06 December 2016

With the support of ESA's ARTES Applications programme, 21Net has built a system that seemlessly integrates satcoms to improve the user experience of WiFi on high-speed trains.

11 November 2016

The GeoSHM structural health monitoring system, developed with the support of ESA, is now being further deployed in Scotland and China.

03 November 2016

The Basilicata Region in southern Italy has announced the allocation of a nearly one million euros to support an ongoing ARTES Applications project, ONE Class! Open network for Education.

28 July 2016

An integrated rescue management tool being developed with the support of ESA is improving the speed and accuracy of search and rescue missions in the mountains of the Czech Republic.

30 June 2016

With the support of ESA, HydroLogic (NL) is developing an application called the HydroNET Flood and Rain Report generator to map rainfall and flooding quickly and easily. It has been successfully deployed in flood-prone Australia, and other countries are taking interest in the system.

23 June 2016

The ARTES Applications 3InSat project recently completed a trial run of its integrated rail signalling system on the island of Sardinia. The successful outcome confirmed the viability of GNSS technology for the rail industry.

01 April 2016

An enterprising Dutch startup is developing a viable business using Sentinel-1 SAR imagery to monitor oil and gas pipelines from space.

25 January 2016

Thanks to a new portal video encoder device developed with the support of ESA, high definition video can now be cost-effectively streamed from mobile satellite terminals. This breakthrough facilitates the transmission of broadcast-quality video content from regions with limited terrestrial infrastructure.  


15 November 2015

With the support of ESA through the ARTES IAP programme, Vista GmbH has developed a successful business supplying precision agriculture services to farmers. At this year's Agritechnica trade fair in Hannover, the Munich-based company was awarded a gold medal for innovation in recognition of its achievements.

15 September 2015

A recent ARTES IAP demonstration project shows how satellites give the deployment of RPAS a huge boost. The project leader, an enterprising British SME, is capitalising on this experience to develop a viable business in remote surveying services.

10 August 2015

Project Showcase: How ARTES-supported Sway4edu2 uses satcoms to help close the digital divide in education.

29 April 2015

A satellite communications-based system developed with the support of ESA is making it easier for a Belgian medical team to test new antiviral drugs for the treatment Ebola patients in West Africa.

24 March 2015

Long-term monitoring using historical Earth Observation data and short-term GNSS positioning is a potent combination for studying the health and well-being of complex structures such as bridges.

24 February 2015

Demonstration and pilot implementation of a satellite-based operations control system for managing teams in alpine rescue missions.

26 January 2015

How satellite services give landowners an easier and cheaper way of calculating the potential economic value of conserving or restoring environmentally important peatlands.

07 November 2014

In an activity supported by ESA, a software package called VECMAP was developed that uses Satellite Navigation and Earth Observation data to populate an online database, allowing researchers to map high-risk areas. 

15 September 2014

Satellites are linking mobile breast cancer screening units directly to hospitals so that radiologists can start their diagnoses earlier.

10 September 2014

With the support of ESA, Irish company Treemetrics has developed an innovative system that uses space and ground assets to map forests and monitor tree-harvesting machinery.

26 August 2014

Thanks to European telecoms satellites, affordable broadband Internet access via satellite is becoming reality. 

23 May 2014

Two recent ARTES-funded feasibility studies looked into ways of understanding and mitigating the risks associated with unstable terrain.

06 May 2014

The incorporation of satellite communication services in railway signalling systems is now one step closer.

11 March 2014

A robust portable device for monitoring vital signs and providing communications for medics developed with the support of ESA offers a lifeline even in the remotest areas on Earth via satcoms.

14 February 2014

ASSIST allows project managers to analyse the positive and negative impacts of their Telemedicine services way before they go live.

12 February 2014

European Defence Agency (EDA) and European Space Agency (ESA), have agreed to pursue their cooperation in the domain of Remotely Piloted Aircrafts.

12 February 2014

The Dutch company Robin Radar has recently taken the FlySafe technology down a new and unexpected path.


Based on user needs and industry skills, the evolution of customized solutions and the establishment of innovative services is accomplished through project activities. Focusing on various thematic areas, relevant information on the project activities is provided below.

Thematic Areas
Space Assets
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Status date: 21 November 2022

CyStellar TerraRisk RE is a data analytics platform, designed to deliver real-time geospatial insights and intelligence into risk and underwriting, reserving and rate making, insurance portfolio optimization and claim assessment processes.


Status date: 04 December 2020

To enable the growing community of outdoor enthusiasts to better plan and prepare safe and enjoyable activities, MetGIS, DLR/DFD and Outdooractive developed a fully integrated one-stop-shop solution for weather-based trip planning and decision support on tour. The recommendation features, warning services, high resolution weather forecasts and snow cover maps are powered by space technologies and space derived data.

Climate-proofing of buildings

Status date: 21 November 2022

To make existing buildings more environmentally and socially sustainable, we need to know how efficiently they work with energy. Energy auditing is used for this purpose. It determines a building’s energy performance and identifies energy-saving opportunities.

The key component to energy auditing is climate data.
Outdoor temperatures are used to assess the energy performance of heating systems.
Solar radiation is used to assess the energy performance of photovoltaic systems.

The availability and accuracy of these data are crucial.

Using MeteoInsight, there is no need to use data from distant weather stations and waste time manually processing the data.


Status date: 21 November 2022

Human safety is a critical factor that defines the iGRC (intristic Ground Risk Class) of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems operations. The HOPE project aims to integrate various source data, including satellite data (SatEO), to forecast human mobility over time, with the help of artificial intelligence and provide the derived information to operators&authorities.


Status date: 21 November 2022

YieldOptimizer is a new service which is able to predict high, medium, or low potential yield areas and areas subject to high, medium or low water stress, based on the use of satellite data.

This new feature opens the doors toward efficient monitoring and better crop management for all those farmers who want to be part of a new Agritech world and optimize their benefits with a better understanding of the fields.


Status date: 21 November 2022

Finding Intelligent Environment-led Data (FiELD) initiative delivers a cooperative framework in rural hubs to facilitate implementation of space data by end users through the “citizen science” concept. The range of services is built around the principles of consolidation, facilitation, education and innovation of appropriate earth observation (EO) data, to enhance local authority and citizen decision-making. 


Status date: 17 November 2022

LOOP solution provides a worldwide observatory of air quality, weather conditions, and environmental/regional insights for supporting implementation of air quality policies and decision making for land spatial management, to reach low environmental impact.


Status date: 14 November 2022

BirdsEyeView is a B2B InsurTech. Specifically, BirdsEyeView operates as a Managing General Agent (MGA), using meteorological data from satellites to structure and sell innovative parametric weather insurance products.

Specifically, BirdsEyeView sells a parametric weather insurance product to businesses to protect them against the financial damages caused by excess rainfall events. This product is delivered on BirdsEyeView’s proprietary online algorithmic underwriting engine called RAPTOR™.


Status date: 12 November 2022

GeoAI_Watloss - Location of leaks in water supply networks using artificial intelligence algorithms based on satellite and aerial imagery and GNSS positioning. The aim of the project is to build a product supporting the process of locating water leaks in water supply networks by improving the procedure of their detection.


Status date: 04 November 2022

Remote measurements of snow storage with acceptable accuracy is a long awaited solution by the hydropower industry due to its potential in providing high number of data points and high spatial coverage. We demonstrate a novel approach to derive snow storage (SWE) by use of L-band radar measurements in combination with the interferometry technique. 


Status date: 04 November 2022

INSURE aims to provide an extensive set of services to any company involved in the decommissioning of their oil and gas operation, as well as photovoltaic, wind and green energies offshore and onshore platforms. INSURE service implements a set of functional blocks for the monitoring of the environment, the platform status and support the management of the platforms off-shore during all the phases of activity through an advanced telecommunication system.

Roof Solar Panel Calculator

Status date: 04 November 2022

An easy-to-use service for detecting roofs suitable for solar panel installation. The service provides information about roof measurements, pitch, orientation, and potential solar energy production.


Status date: 04 November 2022

Profumo proposes novel weather-based services for the Mediterranean navigation with the aim of granting fuel saving, pollution reduction and improving safety for passengers, crew, goods and ships’ instruments.

The idea is to establish a cooperative schema (between commercial vessels) where meteo-marine data is collected from standard and non-standard on-board instrumentation.

Acquired data is used in the Profumo service center to produce reliable high resolution meteo-marine forecasts and nearly real time information, allowing the provision of helpful route optimization and navigation services also in a complex and constrained basin as the Mediterranean one.

To satisfy the demand of commercial customers, Profumo has conceived innovative services expressly for the middle short routes.

Dynamic Routing at Mediterranean scale.

The service provides pre-voyage route planning and updated information for optimal re-routing for vessels. This is possible due to the Profumo’s integrated approach involving weather observations, forecasts and optimal route computation through the modeling of ship’s characteristics, for predicting the vessel’s specific response to weather phenomena, in terms of seakeeping and fuel consumption.

Moreover, the system provides frequently refreshed meteo information allowing in-route corrections, therefore optimizing speed and course.

Navigation assistance

By using the navigation assistance service, the crew is fully supported in the route decision and planning. Profumo, integrating real time meteo-marine conditions, increases the safety and the navigation comfort through the application of the most recent guidelines for avoiding dangerous situations in adverse weather and sea conditions.

High definition weather products

Thanks to the cooperative meteo data injected in high resolution, local-scale forecasts, Profumo provides detailed predictions with a native (not rescaled) resolution of few kilometers.


Status date: 02 November 2022

How do you target advertising to maximize customer reach and minimize costs? Where do target customers stay, live and work? What locations should be the focus of digital and physical advertisement campaigns?

BeSpatial.AI helps businesses in financial services and other industries to boost their ads performance with customer trained machine learning model (HolistiCRM).

Training is done based on internal datasets, EO (ESA) and GIS data (GeoX). In our first use-case machine learning model accuracy reached 91%.

Machine Learning supported targeting ROI 1127% thanks to lower CPC and higher conversion rates targeting the right (potential customer dense) locations.


Status date: 31 October 2022

RAMar is assessing the introduction of space-based RF-data into the existing KSAT vessel detection service. The existing service based on SAR and AIS/LRIT data is expanded to utilise RF-data as an additional source of information on vessels at sea. The aim is to enhance the detection and characterisation of dark vessels.


Status date: 27 October 2022

The POMERIUM project aims to realise a complex monitoring system for Cultural Heritage (CH) management in order to support managers in the daily and extraordinary activities and expert decisions. The system will be based on the added value given by the integration of different technologies: satellites, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), in-situ Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring, image recognition, advanced modelling, and 5G.

Tama WaldCursor

Status date: 25 October 2022

TSMF_10CM DP is Tama Group’s core project to develop, test and test market the WaldCursor product. The project covers design, development, and test of a cloud & app based remote sensing analytics information platform for forestry operations and forestry owners.

IBISA Phase 2

Status date: 26 October 2022

IBISA is an InsurTech building and managing climate insurance solutions for agriculture to bring resilience to farmers and businesses.


Status date: 25 October 2022

Objective of the project is to study and validate b.Bone scaffold in osteoporotic environment to improve human bone surgery. B. Bone is a synthetic bone substitute, CE marked and indicated for clinical applications in orthopaedic and traumatology surgeries. The scaffold is seeded in vitro with human bone cells in simulated microgravity and then in space (after the current activity), to simulate an osteoporotic accelerated model, and their response is analysed.


Status date: 24 October 2022

The ZOE project focuses on the development of a self-powered water grid management system that enables continuous remote monitoring and leakage detection of water pipelines through decisions based on both terrestrial and satellite data. We aim to identify water leaks both in urban areas and the countryside.


Status date: 21 October 2022

In the same way we check the weather forecast and take preventive measures, so we will do for the water.


Status date: 26 July 2019

UNDERSEE is committed to develop a scalable solution to bring knowledge about rivers, lakes and oceans to water dependent stakeholders by providing simple access to water quality data.


Status date: 21 October 2022

The amount of water stored in snow is a crucial information for hydropower managers, yet hard to retrieve with current methods. SnowPower was able to generate large-scale snow information for mountainous regions at unprecedented accuracy and resolution from active radar satellites, combined with established data and a snow model to complement traditional methods.


Status date: 21 October 2022

Build-up of a geo-referenced agricultural database by using satellite-based monitoring and cloud information technologies for collecting reliable and timely statistical data on agricultural parcel level in Latin America, complemented by a web-based platform providing continuously up-to-date georeferenced agricultural data for users and stakeholders.


Status date: 20 October 2022

The increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events has drawn the attention of the insurance industry on climate change risks. For insurance to act as a climate change adaptation tool to increase the resilience of our society, new data and services are necessary. NUA is a highly innovative SaaS for the climate risk management and forecast at local scale.


Status date: 21 October 2022

The aim of Cert-EO („Certified with Earth Observation”) is to apply Earth Observation solutions to support certification procedures of organic farming. The feasibility study project focuses on a service that can complement the personal on-the-spot checks with serving gap-filling data about a selected area, parcel or crop by automated analysis and evaluation of remote sensing (satellite) images.

Project Lunar

Status date: 21 October 2022

Phase 1 of Project LUNAR has determined the feasibility of a multi purpose shared electric fleet solution for NHS Hospitals. We wanted to reduce transport related challenges for employees and patients by providing a sustainable, optimised solution that improves access and reduces cost.


Status date: 20 October 2022

The aim of the Estate Market Trends (EMT) project is to provide a financial service that introduces a digital transformation of access to real estate market data. The main objective of the proposed solution is to create investment reports based on a selected location (coordinates). The system assumes the use and mutual integration of different sources of real estate data.

Digital Engineer

Status date: 20 October 2022

The Digital Engineer is an AI-powered Digital Assistant allowing engineering learners, students and professionals, to acquire industry knowhow and expertise alongside a group of peers, through hands-on projects, anywhere in the world, to solve big problems on planet Earth, and providing the tools for engineering instructors to focus on teaching. The platform is the foundation of the future of engineering education thanks to powerful digitalization and automation of workflows.

DreamCoder TM 2.0

Status date: 26 July 2022

DreamCoder 2.0 is your first ticket to Space. It is a commercially driven application to digitally access the International Space Station. The service is powered by Nanoracks Europe in partnership with Rina Consulting.


Status date: 13 October 2022

We want to manufacture a harvesting tractor for strawberries. No one should do physically hard field work anymore. The Time has come to make a change. European companies should also be on the verge of this new technologies. We make use of high accuracy SatNav GNSS-technologies (GALILEO) to secure the robot operations.


Status date: 13 October 2022

MESPAC is a service suite that delivers to the offshore wind industry highly accurate, continuous and certified wind, wave and other metocean information for offshore wind farm sites. Based on Earth Observation Satellites, the quality of the data provided is suitable for bankability and advanced design activities for new marine energy projects.


Status date: 11 October 2022

Meandair provides pilots with relevant weather data. Before flight, a plan can be registered in the application and the necessary weather information will be downloaded. By pushing the flight button, just before take-off, the Meandair weather information travels along with pilots. Updates of the latest weather can be also downloaded during flight using the SATCOM communication devices. The weather data are also available to 3rd party application developers, behind easy to use programming interface.


Status date: 11 October 2022

Steadycast is an advanced solar forecasting platform for optimizing solar energy integration into power systems and electricity markets. Based on Physics-AI Hybrid modeling and fusion of heterogeneous geospatial data like Earth Observation (EO), it provides worldwide top quality historical and real time forecast data via API. Tailored web visualization tools are also available to better support decision making from planning to operations.

Methane Watch

Status date: 03 October 2022

Methane Watch is the world’s first monitoring system to measure the methane footprint of the energy sector. It combines Earth Observation data from the Copernicus constellation with advanced analytics to monitor emissions from oil, gas and coal with unprecedented accuracy, and provides unique insights to decarbonise the energy industry on a global scale.


Status date: 27 September 2022

SATAVIA is an AI software and data company simplifying decision-making in aircraft flight operations and maintenance to make aviation smarter and greener.

DECISIONX is a cloud-based analytics platform combining global flight data with atmospheric data to perform environmental exposure assessments for aircraft and buildings. This enables better decision-making in condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and aircraft performance.


Status date: 22 September 2022

Existing space technologies (SatNAV, SatCOM, SatEO) can be blended with the most innovative data intelligence and certification technologies (Edge AI, IoT and DLT) to offer next generation Remote Container Monitoring services (Container-as-a-Service, CaaS), hence increasing overall food supply chain safety and reliability, in the pursuit of the highest possible final customer “satisfaction”.


Status date: 22 September 2022

Project LUCI aims to assess land use around railway infrastructure and detect changes that could be hazardous to the safe running of the railway.  The project aims to give trackside managers crucial information to enhance the decision making process and ultimately make the railways a safer place to work and travel.

Sports Event Live Photography

Status date: 22 September 2022

Success for Live Event Photography!

With support from ESA, UK software company AWOL has successfully piloted and launched their ground-breaking Live Photography service. Participants and supporters at marathon, swim and triathlon events received high quality photos within seconds of them being taken, establishing Live as the de-facto standard for Event Photography worldwide


Status date: 21 September 2022

In addition to a shortage of manual labour, tree nurseries, orchards and vineyards are facing challenges regarding their use of chemicals, which shall decrease to comply with EU regulations and decrease environmental impact. In this context, Exobotic Techologies aims to offer an agricultural robot and a web application using satellite images to help these actors to better monitor and treat their plants.


Status date: 21 September 2022

S-EDGE is a demonstration project aims to contribute with innovative services to manage public security (Law Enforcement) through a solution, based on the use of Drones, which integrates new 5G broadband connectivity together with satellite technologies.

The service is conceived to support law enforcement operations for preventing and detecting crime and/or dangerous situations for the citizens, thanks to the provision of a Drone-based surveillance solution.


Status date: 20 September 2022

TT-GSat offers a test and trial environment for emergency personnel and industry where it is possible to touch, try out and play with real building blocks to creatively find and implement new solutions. These building blocks can be individually combined with each other to try out and test the interaction of different equipment in different deployment scenarios.


Status date: 21 July 2016

TT-GSAT facilitates rescue and emergency services as well as industry and service providers to leverage innovations along evaluated needs and requirements, which results in minimized risk for solution development and eases complex deployments in a mission critical environment.

Comprehensive services with scoping services for innovation driven procurement, test and operation support for SatCom and terrestrial communication, navigation, EO based solutions and training/simulation services are offered. 


Status date: 20 September 2022

H2Orb tested the feasibility of developing a monitoring and alerting tool that harnesses satellite data to complement ground sensors in supporting the aquaculture sector.  It used real-time data insights and early alerts to enable intervention measures for environmental and water quality to be applied to safeguard aquaculture stock whilst allowing farmers to monitor the results of their interventions.


Status date: 20 September 2022

One of our cities' challenges is to design integrated urban environments that balance between growth ambitions, an increasing population and climate emergency, and at the same time introducing new standards for green growth, biodiversity, inclusion and quality of life. The GreenUP project aims to shed light on how satellite technology can be transformed into flexible and user-relevant tools to support local authorities and other stakeholders involved in the development of sustainable urban environments.


Status date: 19 September 2022

The DRONEAI project aims at providing an integrated approach to provide a close to real time assessment solutions for disaster relief and humanitarian interventions. It consists of a complete and state-of-the-art solution relying on Artificial Intelligence including a set of tools to enable its application in a time of tension and with high level of flexibility. DRONEAI is combined as an edge processing solution in HITEC’s Nomadic Satellite Communication (NoSaCo) terminal, it creates a unique solution to support the on-site analytics.

Organic Plausibility Checker

Status date: 19 September 2022

Organic markets are growing all over the world. The frequency of organic food fraud is increasing as well. To counter this fraud, satellite-based new technology can play an important role. Our satellite-based organic Plausibility Checker will act as a third eye for ensuring the extra surveillance in the organic sector combined with a supply chain mass balance system that combines certification and product transaction data.


Status date: 06 September 2022

OWASIS Water Auditing demonstration project made suitable for implementation in South Africa, Colombia and the Netherlands based on data availability and user needs.


Status date: 02 September 2022

COMO is a service based on wearable technologies and a software platform solution enabling to measure vital sign parameters of patients to be monitored remotely by physicians. It aims to lighten the burden of the healthcare infrastructure and support caretakers and patients during pandemic situations such as COVID-19.


Status date: 01 September 2022

Powered by artificial intelligence and earth observation, SAGRESSMART provides solutions to improve efficiencies and success in seafloor mineral exploration and investment. As a way to increase knowledge, reduce risk and uncertainty, and assess mineral potential, SAGRESSMART is design to simplify and reduce the time spent compiling, managing and interpreting data and concentrate efforts on the evaluation and raking of high-value targets.