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Based on user needs and industry skills, the evolution of customized solutions and the establishment of innovative services is accomplished through project activities. Focusing on various thematic areas, relevant information on the project activities is provided below.

Economic Intelligence Factory

Status date: 14 October 2020

The objective of this demonstration project is to provide valuable insights from the analysis of satellite data. Earth observation data to watch and monitor at different granular levels using different resolutions, hyperspectral data and radar imaging to create standardized indicators of economic activity, from the study of key sectors of the economy.


Status date: 14 October 2020

Developments on Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) are flourishing. In MSaaS, economically and technically sustainable UMS based services are identified, defined and assessed creating business opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of ship technology.


Status date: 14 October 2020

Telemachus is a telemedicine tool answering the need to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus by digitalising the interaction between Patients, General Practitioners and Health Authorities, as well as by allowing the monitoring of the health conditions of healthcare workers within hospitals. Telemachus aims to support the fight against COVID-19 through the remote treatment and monitoring of vital parameters of patients, thanks to a smart bracelet and a mobile app.


Status date: 14 October 2020

With project FLAMES the consortium composed of Unisphere, Matternet and Nordic Unmanned demonstrates the capabilities of automated flight management in maritime emissions monitoring and urban air delivery by drone. For the first-time high-resolution weather information, Copernicus digital elevation model, flight performance models and optimization algorithms are integrated into a highly automated flight planning system which is provisioned as SaaS. Long-term automated flight management services will enable all industries to safely plan and execute drone flights, making drones a commodity for society.


Status date: 14 October 2020

SATAVIA is an AI software and data company simplifying decision-making in aircraft flight operations and maintenance to make aviation smarter and greener.DECISIONX is a cloud-based analytics platform combining global flight data with atmospheric data to perform environmental exposure assessments for aircraft and buildings. This enables better decision-making in condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and aircraft performance.


Status date: 14 October 2020

A streaming service for live and replay space imagery - bringing together amazing videos and visualisations from across space into one easily accessible platform.


Status date: 08 October 2020

ConnieAI is an AI based platform to guide tourists in touristic venues like zoos. Through a common smartphone app and a web-based backend, the solution allows to easily create digital guides and provide visitors with multimedia content and orientation services.

First RESPonse

Status date: 08 October 2020

First RESPonse aim is to help health professionals (ambulance dispatchers, first responders, hospitals) to deal with pandemic outbreak via acceleration of the entire pre-medical resource chain by up-to 20%, increase of first responders safety and improvement of situation awareness for public.


Status date: 08 October 2020

Service for automation of logistics tasks in industrial and urban environments using a fully autonomous driving transport system.


Status date: 08 October 2020

The SatADAPT solution consists of wireless vibration sensors which transmit vibration data from the equipment being monitored to a Gateway that runs a local Artificial Intelligence engine (edge AI). The Edge AI is in turn synchronized with a centralized AI engine which is part of a cloud based Central Management System or CMS. The edge AI engine analyses the data looking for anomalies in the frequency spectrum and warns of potential failures, along with a classification of the expected defects and estimated time left to occurrence.